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Nov 2015: Managing Vulnerability 26th Annual Conference, International Forum For Psychoanalytic Education (IFPE), Philadelphia, PA

April 2014: Once Burned Twice Shy: How to Engage Hard-To-Reach Clients 2014 Annual Conference, Pennsylvania Certification Board, Harrisburg PA

June 2012: Fighting Hopelessness:Apparent Self-Sabotage in Depression, Addiction and Poverty, IPA, New York

Oct. 2010: From Body to Mind: Emotions and Art as Proto-languages, ISPS, Rockville MD

March 2008: Healing Through Relationships: A Theory of Psychological Investment, ISPS, New York

Dec.2005: The Biological Bases of Ethics, Philadelphia Ethical Society (PES), Philadelphia

July 2002: Addiction, Trauma and the Sense of Time, Annual Conference, Natl Assn. of Addiction  Professionals, Boston

Apr. 2002: Buying Time to Heal: Addictions, Trauma & Relationships, MISA Conference 2002, MCP Hahnemann U., Lancaster PA

Apr. 2001; Ethical Parenting, PES, Philadelphia

Aug.2000: Trauma Learning and Recovery-A Theory of Psychological Investment, Solutions 2000 Conference, Am. Ass. For Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare (AABH),San Antonio TX

Nov. 1999: Management of Aggressive Behavior, Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis (PSP)

Aug. 1998: Psycho-Karate:Communication to Maximize Change, Ann. Conference, AABH, Washington DC

May 1998: Psychoanalysis and Money, “Psychoanalysis and the Canvas of Life”, PSP, Philadelphia

Oct. 1995: Modern Psychoanalysis as a Pragmatic Psychoanalytic Approach, 6th Ann. Conference, Int. Fed. For Psychoanalytic Education (IFPE), Toronto, Canada


04/00-03/02: General Psychology, Art Institute of Philadelphia

09/93-03/99 Coordinator/Supervisor for Internships Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis (PSP)

09/96-12/96 Depression and Self Sabotage PSP, CE Program

01/96-04/96 Modern Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the Treatment of Addictions,PSP, CE Progr.

09/96-pres. Supervisory/Training Analyst, Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis


NAAP (ed) Psychoanalytic Views on Narcissism (ed. brochure), “Modern Psychoanalytic Views” (part.)

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