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Benefits of Psychoanalysis

Why chose psychoanalysis instead of pills and/or short-term therapies?

Why chose Modern Psychoanalysis?

Here is why

Life is full of unexpected challenges and we need both our emotions and reason to make the best decisions for our survival and success. Many of us could be better at using our emotions, especially aggression, constructively.

Emotions (or affects) are an important early part of language, and a reflection of our body's experience. They are as important to our understanding as color to our vision or pitch in music. Just as children are born with the ability to learn any language, but lose sensitivity to anything beyond their mother tongue over time, we are born with a wide emotional potential, but become trained to what the people around us like, and keep going with a restricted set. In psychoanalysis we regain our emotional vocabulary. Then we see more opportunities for happiness and learn to avoid or deal with aversive situations more easily.

Modern Psychoanalysis was developed to work with people who were considered hard to reach and outside the scope of classical psychoanalysis. It has some practical advantages over classical analysis: it is the most consistently "strength-based" theory I know of and therefore the least invasive therapy possible. It does not need interpretations. Because the interventions are address emotions effectively, sessions can be spaced further apart than in classical psychoanalysis.

The ultimate promise of Modern Psychonalysis is not only to resolve chronic inner conflicts but to learn to engage others to help us towards our goals in socially constructive ways.

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